Sorry about the silence…


Greetings! Thanks for visiting.

I know that the books and blogs on blogging tell you to post with regularity. It’s part of building your online image. However, I recently stumbled across a rather novel definition of lying: “Talking as if you know something about which you really know nothing.” or something like that.

In that spirit, I’ve been slow to continue where I left off with my last post. I know I owe the readers here a discussion on spiritual warfare. When I started writing it, though, I realized that I’m missing a middle term. Like any good boy from the college I went to, when you’re lacking a middle term, you either figure it out or you have to admit a conclusion that you don’t want to.

So, in that light, I’ve decided to practice some warfare of my own in the effort of figuring something out. Please be patient. I’m still fully involved in the Dynamic. My life is amazing and my family wonderful. Or should I say, “My family is amazing and my life is wonderful.” You get the point.

Pray that I’ll figure this part out, or at least how to explain what I’m missing, and I’ll post as soon as I can. Pray for me and my lovely, glorious, amazing, and wonderful family.

Please take this time of my silence a an opportunity to visit my older posts and ask questions or share your experiences.



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